RexLex Nova Ltd. is private owned company: international technology broker, business facilitator and research and development center. We provide comprehensive financial, legal, technical and organizational support to hundreds of advanced innovative projects both of Russian and EC origin. RexLex Nova’s advantage lies in its complex cumulative approach to innovations. Our team consists of well-known experts in forecasting, evaluation, technology transfer, coordination, cooperation and scientific research. RexLex Nova also carries out the risk analysis of innovative projects. We are attracting businessmen, investors, scientists, and implementers who are eager to grasp new opportunities. We understand that: any talent needs support and the environment where talents are in demand; innovators need funding, and investors look for promising projects!

We successfully cooperate with:

ITMO University

Higher School of Economics

We would like to offer cheap and effective advanced innovations of Russian origin in the following fields:

Construction technology, Materials technology;

Information processing;

Renewable sources of energy, Energy saving;

Automation Robotics;

Medicine, Health, Life sciences;


Electronics,  Mathematics;

Waste management;

Industrial manufacture;


We are ready to open Russian market for the advanced innovations of EC origin in the same fields mentioned above. As far as RexLex Nova is striving to better understand and elaborate the principles and laws that govern the innovation environment one of RexLex Nova’s strategic goals is: to ensure that any promising start-up are promoted and commercialized in Russia and in EC. RexLex Nova is able to support the united business financially because international grants & private investments are our standard support options for the start-ups. Moreover, as business facilitator we can help with budget implementation (to the start-up teams the budget implementation is always key issue).

In willingness to share the achievements.





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